India's Wetlands of International Importance

India is home to a wide variety and a myriad number of wetlands. The wide range of precipitation patterns, physiography, geomorphology and climate have facilitated for this rich diversity. Each of these wetlands is an incomparable ecosystem with immense values. Some of these wetlands which are of particular conservation value can be termed Wetlands of International Importance. These are significant in their capacity to become model sites for the nation’s commitment to conservation and management under internationally accepted framework.

India became a party to the ‘Convention on Wetlands’, also known as the Ramsar Convention on 1st February 1982 and has since then designated 82 wetlands covering an area of 13,42,422 hectares under the List of Wetlands of International Importance which includes 5 sites designated during FY 2020-2021. Presently, India stands first in South Asia and third in Asia in terms of number of designated sites.

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Ramsar Sites Wetlands of International Significance
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